To spread far and wide the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ across our nation and all over the world.

To understand, articulate and demonstrate to the world the five-fold ministry of the Church.

To promote the revival of the Prophetic and Apostolic signs, wonders and miracles.

To bring together children of God who are lost in lifeless churches.

To build God’s Army around the world by raising up trained apostolic, spiritual leaders in every nation for the purpose of overtaking the heathen of this generation.

To train believers in the truths spoken of in the bible about spiritual warfare, and to equip the believers to be an aggressive and victorious army for the Lord.

To train believers to receive the Holy Spirit baptism and fire with the evidence of speaking in tongues (Acts 2:4), as well as a daily walk and relationship with the Holy Ghost.

To train believers to take their rightful position in Jesus Christ and do as Jesus instructed us to do and to fulfill The Great Commission (Matthew 28:19).

To increase our praises to Abba Father, Son and Holy Ghost through prophetic worship and song that breaks every chain to release divine destinies, plans and purposes, healings and deliverance.

To recognize and support the unity of the Spirit in the Body of Christ, so the world may know that we are His disciples.

Through the Prayer Command Centre (PCC) – we are commissioned to build up an army of mighty prayer warriors and intercessors that will stand in the gap, pray in the Spirit and be end-time prophetic watchmen over the nations, communities, families, ministries, local churches, local governments, mission to all the world, while building God’s army and praying for the Lord Jesus to return.