“Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in Him
and He shall bring it to pass.”

Psalm 37:5 (KJV)



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Commit – Then Trust!

Once the Lord downloaded the vision, we wanted God totally in charge of our situation, our life, our destiny, and our ministry. I asked him “God, how are we to do this? Who are we, Lord that you have impressed upon my Spirit such a tremendous burden to carry forth”? That is when the Lord spoke forth.

There are three simple steps that are indicated in those words that God released into me for Shammah Outreach Ministries…

The first, commit thy (your) way unto the Lord. That’s a single, decisive act. You just commit your way to the Lord; you take your own hand off it. It’s like taking money to a bank, depositing it, and getting a receipt for it. You know you’ve deposited it. The next step, trust also in Him (the Lord). Trust is a continuing attitude. Commit is a single act; trust is a continuing attitude. You just go on trusting. Last night you deposited your money in the bank. But you don’t keep worrying about whether it’s still there, or whether the bank knows what to do with the money, you just trust the bank. But in this case, you are not trusting a bank, you are trusting the Lord. And when you take the first two steps then the third step is the Lord’s: He shall bring it to pass – simply said…He will do it. He’ll bring it to pass. Whatever situation you have in mind, whatever need, whatever problem, whatever decision, you commit it to the Lord – that’s the act. You go on trusting in Him – that’s the attitude. And you have that wonderful, peaceful assurance: the Lord will do it. He’s in control. You can trust the bank with your money, and you can trust the Lord with your assignment and destiny. Just take it to Him, commit it to Him, and continue trusting in Him.

At Shammah Outreach Ministries, it is all about stepping out in faith every time, and believing in the anointed scriptures and the will of the Father. We humbly COMMIT and then TRUST Abba Father God to make “His” plan come to pass. Yahweh Shammah is with us…..as we serve Him to advance the Kingdom of God!

Sandra Benaglia Smith