It’s Ordination Time!

Shammah Outreach Ministries and our overseers for Canada – Church Triumphant Assemblies of Canada had the greatest honor of ordaining and officiating two wonderful men of God: Evangelist Allen Baker and Prophet Franco Gallicchio as ministers of the Gospel under our ministry coverings!!

What an honor for us to be their Apostles and overseers and to partner together with these two and their families for the Glory and Kingdom of God.  This was truly a special time of celebration and many joined as witnesses to see these two further catapulted into their God-given destinies.

Officiating Delegates:

  • Pastor/Dr. Wade Bowers – Church Triumphant Assemblies of Canada/Harvest Time Revival, and;
  • Apostles Todd and Sandra Benaglia Smith, Shammah Outreach Ministries

A beautiful time of food and fellowship after the service!  Thank you Jesus!!!