Apostle Todd Smith and Apostle Sandra Benaglia Smith

Apostle/Prophet – Sandra Benaglia Smith, Founder and Visionary

Apostle Sandra is the Founder and Visionary of Shammah Outreach Ministries and the Revival House of Glory Apostolic Center

20141114_205853 (506x900)Sandra Benaglia Smith is recognized as a minister of “The Gospel of Jesus Christ in accord with Biblical qualifications and has been given ordination including authority to preach, teach, educate and propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Ordained under Church Triumphant Assemblies of Canada under Dr./Reverend Wade Bowers and Reverend Eric Lang, and commissioned as an Apostle through North Charleston Apostolic Center in South Carolina – USA and under the spiritual covering of H.I.M – Harvest International Ministries.

Apostle and Prophet Sandra has been called as an apostolic and prophetic leader and healing evangelist and has been trained, equipped and imparted in the apostolic and prophetic ministry.  She has studied in the School of Theology, School of Deliverance, and School of the Holy Spirit under Oral Roberts Ministries.  Apostle Sandra has also studied under Christian International Ministries Network with Dr. Bill Hamon in Santa Rosa, Florida for Ministering Spiritual Gifts and Releasing Power of Prophetic Teams, and further trained and equipped under Morris Cerullo World Evangelism Ministries in Chicago for the School of Ministry.

Apostle Sandra moves in the Spirit of the prophetic with healings, signs, wonders and miracles that accompany her. She is a warrior in the Spirit and powerful Intercessor for the people, community, governments and the nations.

After a very abusive family upbringing, abusive past marriage, and after losing her 8 year old son, Stefano to a cancerous brain tumor, Sandra had a deep longing within the depths of her being and cried out to God for many years; not running away from Him, but pressing deeper into His presence.  Sandra longed to know Him more and go deeper into the things of the Spirit and the Kingdom. As the desire profoundly grew, she intensely studied and trained in the healing and deliverance ministries.  She longed not to see another child taken by the enemy from sickness and disease.  She desired to move in the Spirit with authority and power with signs, wonders and miracles – just as Jesus has commanded in John 14:12….“Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.”

The Lord gave Sandra a passionate desire and insatiable burden for the Kingdom of God, and the Vision was born and cast as Sandra stepped out in faith to do the works of the Lord.  Shammah Outreach Ministries was birthed out of love for the people and a direct word given to Sandra from the Spirit of God – Psalm 37:5. The Lord confirmed to her with Ezekiel 48:35 that “Yahweh Shammah is with us”.

The ministry was birthed for the redemption of souls, to train, teach, and equip believers to do the things of the Kingdom and what Jesus commissioned us to do in Matthew 10:7-8 …. As you go, proclaim this message: ‘The kingdom of heaven has come near.’ Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely give.

Apostle Sandra also leads Spirit-filled anointed Worship that ushers in a great and mighty wind of the Spirit of God to position the atmosphere for the presence of the apostolic and prophetic move for healings and deliverance with signs, wonders and miracles.

Apostle Sandra loves the Lord wholeheartedly and has been commissioned by the Father to bring heaven down to earth through Shammah Outreach Ministries.

Testament to Apostle and Prophet Sandra’s Calling and Purpose

Sandra has been called as a prophetess to the nations. She is a woman of excellence and strives for Kingdom Advancement in every area of her life seeking to fulfill divine destiny.

She is a woman of integrity, honor and of a virtuous character. She is a worshiping warrior for the King, a woman of prayer, wisdom, respect, compassion, graciousness, commitment, love and boldness.

I highly recommend Sandra Benaglia Smith as a cutting edge apostolic voice, which will definitely bring reformation and transformation.

She is a woman of great discernment, authority, faith and power, yet full of humility and a tender heart of love. God has called her and she has stepped out by faith to pioneer Shammah Outreach Ministries. Her ministry extends to Canada, Guyana, Trinidad, the U.S., and France and to the ends of the earth.  She will go where God tells her to go and she will do what God asks her to do.

I am greatly blessed to have a sister in the faith that is walking in signs, wonders and miracles.

Prophetess Sandra has a passion for God and a great desire to see the lost come to the saving Knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To this end, she has proven herself to be an effective witness of the Gospel with her personality and compelling testimony.  She is kind, compassionate, and humble and has a heart for people.

As a Apostle,  Sandra is well learned and skilled in the Word of God. In her ministry there have been outstanding signs, wonders and miracles. The blind receive their sight and infirmities depart from bodies when she comes in contact with the sick.

Sandra Benaglia Smith’s primary ministry is as an Apostolic voice and prophetess to the nations and healing evangelism. She has brought forth accurate words of prophecy that impacts and changes the lives of people and healing of the spirit, body and soul through the power of the Holy Spirit.

It is with great pleasure I recommend Apostle Sandra Benaglia Smith to minister to any congregation she is invited to.


Apostle Todd Smith, Founder

IMG_0105 - 2Apostle Todd Smith is recognized as a minister of “The Gospel of Jesus Christ in accord with Biblical qualifications and has been given ordination including authority to preach, teach, educate and propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Ordained under Church Triumphant Assemblies of Canada under Dr./Reverend Wade Bowers and Reverend Eric Lang, and commissioned as an Apostle through North Charleston Apostolic Center in South Carolina – USA and under the spiritual covering of H.I.M – Harvest International Ministries.

Apostle Todd has been called as an apostolic leader and has been trained and imparted in the apostolic and prophetic ministry.  He has studied in the School of Theology and has been trained and equipped in the healing and deliverance ministries. Todd has also studied under Christian International Ministries Network with Dr. Bill Hamon in Santa Rosa, Florida for Ministering Spiritual Gifts and Releasing Power of Prophetic Teams.

Apostle Todd is a Founder of Shammah Outreach Ministries and the Revival House of Glory Apostolic Center – and stands as a pillar in the ministry with his many giftings to teach, heal, deliver and flow in the apostolic and the prophetic.

Apostle Todd grew up in a Christian home and has been searching for the deeper things of the Spirit and the Kingdom.  In-depth teachings and equipping has brought Todd to a new spiritual dimension and understanding in the truth of God’s Word and has allowed him to increase to fulfil his calling, purpose and destiny as an apostolic leader.  Todd has a heart for the hurting and desires to deliver the message of Jesus Christ to the nations.  He has travelled to Ecuador on missions and has led evangelical crusades under Shammah Outreach Ministries traveling to England, Guyana, U.S, across Canada and Trinidad several times. Apostle Todd has been further trained and equipped under Morris Cerullo World Evangelism Ministries in Chicago for the School of Ministry.

Apostle Todd has preached the good news of the Gospel to numerous and has led lost souls to salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Todd is the leader of the ministry’s Prayer Command Centre in Norfolk County – Simcoe, Ontario where he leads and equips an army for God to travail in the Spirit to pray for people, communities, governments, and the nations.

Apostle Todd loves to humbly serve our Most High God in all ways to advance the His glorious Kingdom. Todd also has been a dynamic Men’s Groups leader to teach, equip and build up a mighty army of warriors to take HIS power to the ends of the world in miracles, signs and wonders. 

Testament of Apostle Todd’s Calling and Purpose

Apostle Todd he has been a dedicated Man Of God called by the Lord Jesus Christ to be an apostle to the nations. I consider him a spiritual leader, whose desire is to walk intimately with the Lord Jesus Christ.

I have only seen zeal, compassion and a burning fire and excitement for the Kingdom of God. He recently has been ordained as the Country Leader for prayer with the Global Prayer Strike Force. In the local community, he is hard-working, faithful and trustworthy.  He is the leader of a prayer command center, where intense prayer takes place for the nations, locally, regionally and internationally.

I admire Apostle Todd for his kindness and readiness to always give to the needy orphans, widows and to the poor for the furtherance of the Gospel. He operates in the apostolic/prophetic gifting and his accuracy is impeccable. He indeed has a father’s heart for the Lord and has a pure Christian walk with the Lord, who finds himself in no slackness.

He is an apostolic voice to the nations, balanced and grounded in the Word of God.  He makes time to listen to the people and their problems and his door is always open to everyone of every creed and race.

With these attributes in mind, I would like to recommend Apostle Todd Smith because I feel he is a man of vision, divine purpose and has a Word in this end time hour for the nations of this world.


Claudio Benaglia

Claudio-websiteClaudio Benaglia is Apostle Sandra’s 21 year old son, and Apostle Todd’s step son, who is called to Christ for a great purpose and destiny.  He walks in the spiritual things of the Kingdom and is used as a powerful voice for God’s glory and to bring a spiritual awakening to the youth of this day.

Claudio is a wise young man, who endured tremendous loss in his life.  Claudio lost his 8 year old brother, Stefano to cancer when he was only 5 years old.  His biological father also left the home shortly after. He and his mother went through an overwhelming amount of pain and suffering, but together they prayed for the Lord’s righteous right hand to cover and protect them and to give them the strength to persevere.  Claudio learned at a very young age that nothing is impossible with God, how to wage war against the enemy, to travail in prayer, and to stay strong to overcome the depths of adversity.  After 17 years, Claudio’s relationship has been restored with his biological father and the Lord is transforming this relationship to good.

Claudio has travelled to Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago, and Washington, DC for the Lord to do missions and be a blessing to the lost, widows and the orphans.

Claudio works as part of the ministry’s team as the videographer and photographer to capture every spiritual moment, so that the people will be able to obtain their prophetic word spoken over their lives so they can be richly blessed.

Claudio also travels with his parents to share his testimonies to many, specifically to the youth — of what God has done in his life and the many healings that he has received from the Father.

Claudio has completed his professional studies at Humber College in Toronto, Canada and is pursuing his career in the mountain of Entertainment in Acting and Film for Television.  We know Claudio will change and impact the hearts of many in this sphere of influence as he pursues his heart’s desire that was placed there before he was even born.

Jenice McDonald

Jenice Pic1- websiteIn the past few years, Jenice has been stirred up by the Holy Spirit with an incredible hunger to know more of God.  Jenice began to go deeper into the Word and seek Him more intimately. As she began to feed on the Word of God, the Holy Spirit began to wake her up in the middle of the night — where she would just find herself spending time praying and journaling what the Holy Spirit was revealing to her.  As she went even further into the Word, she also began to have many prophetic dreams.  Following this, and during a 21 day of prayer and fasting, she heard the voice of the Lord and He called her out to lead a Prayer Intercessory Team. To confirm what God had revealed to her, she met with her then Pastor of her Home Church to share what was happening in her life and he revealed to her that there were other saints in the body of Christ that had approached him in the days prior to reveal that the Lord was calling them to Intercessory Prayer as well.

This ignited the Fire of Glory within her and elevated her to begin to intercede during church service once a month and witness words of knowledge, revelation, visions, with signs and wonders. This opportunity also opened the door for her to oversee all the prayer requests that came in to the church office.  She worked closely with the Pastor and implemented a designated time on Saturday nights for others to join in a time of prayer.

In September of 2012, Jenice began to pray for people the Lord was laying on her heart; people that she hadn’t even met! One of the ladies she had been interceding for she finally met on November 25, 2012. The night before, Jenice had a prophetic dream that impacted her life. She was hiding from a demon and all of a sudden she experience what one would call “a light bulb” moment, where she realized she had the authority to lay hands on the person and cast out the demon in Jesus’ Name.  She began to activate her power and authority given to her by the blood of Jesus and instantly the young man was delivered and began to smile.  She did as Jesus did in the Word and told the delivered man to go tell everyone what Jesus had done for him.  It was at that moment that Jenice realized there was another tall man delivered at the same time. In her dream, she laid hands and delivered two young men and led them both to the Lord. The dream was so vivid that Jenice knew she had to go and seek this woman out after church. She was going to have a triple heart bypass on the following Monday, so Sunday after church Jenice went to pray for her and gently led her to the Lord. The surgery was successful, however she ended up going into a coma and passed away within a week and Jenice now knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that she went to be with the LORD.

After this tremendous experience, Jenice had an incredible heartfelt passion and desire to go deeper into the things of the Kingdom and to do mighty exploits in Jesus’ Name to fulfill her calling and destiny.

Jenice humbly and graciously serves through Shammah Outreach Ministries as a worship leader and ushers in the presence of God through anointed worship and praise.  Jenice is a fervent Prayer Intercessor through the ministry’s Prayer Command Center and has a heart to serve in many areas of the ministry.  Jenice is also one of the Shammah Outreach Ministries’ Board Members, where she also manages the Treasury activities of the ministry. She also served as a lead for Prayer Intercessory Teams, was a member of  Missions Leadership Teams, as well as being on church Worship Teams.  Jenice was also a table leader for a Woman’s Ministry bible study group.  Jenice has served with her many talents at Promise Keepers of Canada for the past nine years as well. Jenice has also travelled to France with Apostle Sandra to deliver the Gospel of the Good News and see the brokenhearted recover.

She has a desire to see lives impacted and changed for the Lord and a heartfelt deep desire to serve and travel with Shammah Outreach Ministries to do missions and support and love on those in need, and the orphans.  As an end time prayer warrior, Jenice has a burden to change the spiritual atmospheres and shift the outcomes in people’s lives, and increase in the things of the Kingdom.

Allen Baker - PicEvangelist Allen Baker

Evangelist Allen Baker is a walking testimony to the redeeming power of God’s love.

Born in 1948 in London, Ontario Canada, Allen led a hard life that eventually saw him behind bars in Mill Haven Prison Institution serving a life sentence. Now this was not the first time Allen had been incarcerated, however, when the cell doors were locked and closed behind him this particular time, Allen thought it would be the last time he would ever taste freedom again.

However, more than the ache he felt for the loss of those freedoms, was the tearing at his heart of what he had become and what had led him to this place he felt he would call home for the rest of his life. Like many of our nations incarcerated, prison was not shedding light on the redeemable qualities in Allen. Being locked in a cell twenty-three hours a day was only heightening the ugliness that had taken control of his heart, and like a ticking time bomb all Allen wanted to do was lash out at a society that now held him prisoner.

But, God Almighty had other plans for this outcast from society!

In1978, while still in the Mill Haven Prison Institution, Allen had what most would call…an unexplainable ghostly encounter! This is when Allen experienced the precious whispers of a persistence faceless voice. It sure was a ghost, but not that kind that most would claim hearing in the depths of a dark, smelly, dungeon of the prison walls. It was the lightning bolt of the Holy Ghost and His voice resurrected Allen from the pits of hell, and he immediately surrendered his life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

After this encounter, whether it was an inmate from another cell, or the voice of an angelic host, Allen doesn’t know for sure; but what he does know is that he spent numerous uninterrupted hours listening to the Gospel from someone, or something he never visibly saw, nor did he ever meet in the natural. It was this mysterious encounter on the range at the Mill Haven Prison Institution that pointed Allen towards the path of freedom in Christ.

Paroled in 1983 after a series of miraculous events, Allen has committed to serve Jesus Christ with an insatiable burning passion for seeing souls saved and individuals discipled into the fullness of their calling for the Kingdom of God.

Evangelist Allen, is an Ordained Minister under Shammah Outreach Ministries and Church Triumphant Assemblies of Canada. He is not only focused on salvation, but transformation. Evangelist Allen’s heart has always been focused on the discipleship of individuals and leading them into a rich and meaningful relationship with God the Father, equipping them with the tools to become pillars in their homes, their churches and the nations.

When Evangelist Allen is not out traveling, you will find him on the streets of Hamilton Ontario, and Norfolk County – Simcoe, Ontario ministering to men, and sharing a cup of coffee with someone in need. Just a few minutes with this Evangelist and you will realize you are sitting with a man transformed by the power and incredible love of Jesus Christ.

Yes, Evangelist Allen has been sent back to prison; however; this time the Lord has sent him on a personal mission — to set the captives free and proclaim liberty through the Gospel of the Good News! God has opened the doors for Evangelist Allen, a man that once stood as a barrier between Him and freedom, and has once again placed Allen behind the prison bars to speak and attest to the inmates all across Canada. God is using the Evangelist to go in and share his incredible testimony with inmates, and in doing so, Evangelist Allen has watched as the redeeming power of God’s unmerited favor and grace is continually able to set even the hardest hearts free! Evangelist Allen has had the humble privilege of holding the hands of the most hardened hearted men, as they wept their way to freedom in Christ, and he has watched as others were moved to raise their hands in surrender; not to those who placed them behind bars, but to the One who makes you free! Yes, even behind the prison walls!

Evangelist Allen has been married to his wife Sandra since 1987, and together they have raised their three children, while ministering locally and throughout Canada. Evangelist Allen and Sandra now reside in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, where they both work while enjoying time with their children and grandchildren. Evangelist Allen and his wife Sandra are intricate leaders at Shammah Outreach Ministries and the Revival House of Glory Apostolic Center.

Evangelist Allen also participates on the Shammah Outreach Ministries’ Breakfast Group in Norfolk County – Simcoe, Ontario. The men’s group has been set by God and ignited by His Fire and many men are coming to the knowledge of Him and being set free, healed and delivered in Jesus Name – all over some hot coffee, toast, bacon and eggs!!! Glory Hallelujah!

Evangelist Allen and Sandra are divinely positioned and ordained by God in this time and season to collaboratively work together in unity for the glory of His Kingdom. Evangelist Allen is also a member of the Shammah Outreach Ministries’ Prayer Command Center as a powerful prayer warrior and intercessor!

Isaiah 61:1 “… he hath sent me to bind up the broken-hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound.”

Sandra Baker - PicSandra Baker

Sandra Baker is a wife of 30 years, mother of three beautiful children; two boys and one girl. Sandra has six grandchildren and another one on the way! Sandra has been employed with the same company of employment for over 37 years. That’s dedication and commitment!
One evening in March of 2006, Sandra was attending a church service where she was in the realm of worship when she noticed two small diamonds missing from her wedding bands. Of course, Sandra began to weep because her wedding bands are a reminder to her of how important her marriage is. GOD began to speak to Sandra right there in that service and HE told her that, “the devil can take all your worldly processions, but the one thing he cannot take is your family”. She asked the Lord…“why”, and He said, “Because I have them in the Palm of My Hand”.  Isaiah 49:16 says, “See, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands; Your walls are continually before Me.”  Isaiah 41:13 says, “For I, the Lord your God, will hold your right hand, Saying to you, ‘Fear not, I will help you.”

It was in that service that God was clearly preparing Sandra for what was to come next. Only days later Sandra was given the news that her fifteen year old daughter was pregnant. On top of that, Sandra found out that her husband was consuming drugs.

In August of 2006, Sandra’s husband flat lined on an over dose of cocaine. This was a time in her life that she fell before the Lord and turned her complete life over to God and totally surrendered everything to Him. The Lord was quickly teaching Sandra that spiritual warfare was real and important and that as a woman of God, she needed to rise up and spiritually warfare for her family … to rise up with power and authority and strike with the Sword of the Spirit and take back what the devil was trying to steal from her. The Bible says in John 10:10, “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” Sandra began to appropriate the Word with her faith and began to take back her family in the Name of Jesus!

Since then, Sandra has ministered locally and throughout Canada with her husband, who is now an ordained Minister and Evangelist – Allen Baker. Sandra has served in various leadership capacities, children’s ministry, bus ministry, and also served as head of hospitalities in the local churches.

Sandra also had a powerful encounter with God at a Shammah Outreach Ministries Healing and Miracle Encounter. Sandra was totally healed of diabetes, high blood pressure, and stomach issues. As Sandra was prayed for she felt the tremendous power of God touch her from the crown of her head to the soles of her feet. While Sandra was under the anointing and power of God, the Holy Ghost spoke to her as she was slain and He gently asked her, “Who is your healer”?

The next day, Sandra felt like the Lord was showing her that just as the Apostle Peter had to get out of the boat to walk on the water that she needed to reach out and take her healing by faith. Sandra is a testament to the many healings that she has received and witness to the goodness of our King Jesus and the blood shed 2000 years ago that already purchased her healing. All Sandra needed to do was “take it” by faith — and that she did, and is HEALED in Jesus Name. Sandra has not taken any medication since that day and has never felt more alive and well. Praise GOD she is healed in JESUS NAME!!!

Sandra has an incredible passion and desire to go deeper into the Word of God, allowing God to use her mightily, and fulfill her destiny and calling on her life. Sandra’s heart is to see families set free; as her family was, and to see people come into the Kingdom of God, see them healed and delivered in every area of their lives through the demonstration of God’s great and glorious power bestowed in her by the Spirit of God!

Sandra is also a member of the Shammah Outreach Ministries’ Prayer Command Center as a powerful prayer warrior and she leads our intercessory team, and she is a member of the ministry’s Board of Directors!