February 25 2017 conference flyerAn amazing power packed day on Saturday, February 25, 2017 at “The Battle Rages But We Have the Victory” – Evangelistic and Deliverance Conference hosted by Restoration House of Jesus Christ Ministries in Ancaster, Ontario with Host Pastor Jacqueline Crawford.

Powerful anointed messages delivered by guest speakers Evangelist Allen H Baker and Pastor Ellen McFarlane and Pastor Sandra Benaglia Smith!  And, powerful anointed worship from Pastor Jacqueline’s worship team.

The Fire of God fell and demonstrations of His power manifested with healings, and creative miracles taking place and many deliverances and God’s people being set free!  Hands and legs growing out to align spinal cords and back pain, deaf ears opened, and sight restored, with many captives set free from demonic oppression.  The Mission of Jesus accomplished through His servants.

Thank you for hosting us Pastor Jacqueline Crawford, Restoration House of Jesus Christ Ministries, and the team!

Thank you Lord Jesus!!  Only YOU get the glory and honor!

Just one of the many testimonies that have come in…..

“Glory to God!! 2 weeks ago a faithful sister invited me to a gathering at her church in Ancaster. At the end of a wonderful day of scripture reading and worship, Pastor Sandra Benaglia Smith, presented a very revealing and I felt honest message on God’s healing power through the Master Physician Jesus Christ and with the power of the Holy Spirit.

At the conclusion of the service, with the encouragement of my sister in Christ, I approached Pastor Sandra and she got me a chair, saying that I was experiencing back pain due to my legs being misaligned. After a few minutes and minimum pain, we prayed for realignment of my legs and arms.

I am extremely grateful to God and all who prayed and encouraged, almost 2 weeks after, I still feel at least 90% less pain in my back and right shoulder! I even now worship our Lord God with the exuberance HE deserves!!!!” …… Kevin Lowry