DSC_0184 (900x602)I received a message today – February 9, 2017 from a young woman from Trinidad and Tobago.  We went to minister there in 2014 for 10 days straight. We ministered to many, so I did not recognize her directly when she contacted me, but God used her to bless me today and send me a testimony of a prophetic word that came to pass…. we were there in November of 2014 and that night changed this young girls life and her heart was ignited for God.

We give God all the glory as He knew what this young girl needed and He did it, and she took it in Jesus Name!!  Glory!!!  This young woman is now a fire hazard to the kingdom of darkness with her worship.  Glory to God!!!!  And, I did not realize until later in our messaging that she is the daughter of the residing Bishop of the church that hosted us.  Glory to God!

Here it is…

“Hi Miss,

God’s blessings to you and yours. I would just like to say that you had visited my dad’s church years ago. Maybe 2-3 years ago here in Trinidad. You were in a red dress and black heels with a black belt. And, you prophesied to me – a word over my life. You told me that my hands are blessed and that you were seeing me playing instruments for worship.  I was lost at that time, I was withdrawn. I grew up in a church and all that, but I was lost and had bad influences…like friends. etc. Ever since that night you spoke over me, I have felt different…like a new beginning.  At that time I was not playing any instruments, but you said “you will be playing instruments”.  Well, I began to believe the word spoken, it only took about 6-8 months after to be fulfilled in Jesus Name. I went to school for instruments because it was in my heart suddenly and am now playing instruments at church – the drums, and I am also learning how to play the guitar for worship.  That is my heart. I have been doing this for the past two years! You are truly a woman of God.  You spoke it. I never knew it. I did have it deep in my heart, but it came forth. Now I am playing the full drum set and the acoustic guitar.  Still in music school learning to also read music and become more professional. I want to sing and be a worship leader. I have been playing two years now.  I said I will not doubt the word and it came to pass. Faith without works is dead. I thank you so much.  God’s word spoken through you made me be more committed – it did something to me – it changed me.  I have kept going continually since then and have not looked back.  Thank you woman of God and bless you. My life has never been the same!”

Rachel was interviewed on live radio – 97.5 FM in Trinidad on Sunday, February 12, 2017, at 7:00 a.m. and testifies to the Nations to what the Lord did for her.  Glory to God.  Click on the link to listen to her testimony.


Rachel Khan

Trinidad and Tobago