July 22, 2016

For the last year 2 years my son has struggled with anxiety, fear and trouble sleeping. This not a testimony of what precipitated these things, but how God set free my son.

In meeting Rev. Sandra quickly perceived that my son was called and would stand in the office of a prophet, which was a confirmation.

She also perceived very quickly at another time that he was having great difficulty sleeping, and was being tormented at night. I had said nothing to no one, so I know she was accurate in the Spirit. She asked if I would like prayer for my son, and of course I agreed as I couldn’t stand to see my 8 year old boy struggle any longer.

She and Rev. Todd were very loving, gentle and very caring towards him. They spent some time with him, talking with him and then they prayed.

She held my son, and began to pray for him.

She prayed and did deliverance over him for about an hour.

Many demonic spirits were cast out and he was set free from so much. His face changed that night, and he doesn’t look the same.

He was set free from the following spirits: torment, trauma, spirit of death, fear of mom dying, deaf and dumb spirit, Leviathan spirit, words spoken again him, affliction, infirmity, anger and a spirit to destroy his destiny/calling.

This was not an easy thing to watch, or experience as his face would change, he would spit up, cry – but with each demonic spirit that came out – his face would change…it would seem like he could finally breathe.

He has been a totally different boy since that day. He is so much happier and at great peace. He has been able to go to bed alone now, he knows after being taught by myself, and reinforced by Rev. Sandra how to speak and to stand when and if he feels scared again.

As a parent you will do anything for your children as you don’t want to see them in pain, you don’t want to see them in agony or torment.

I am so thankful for the ministry received from Rev. Todd and Sandra. They helped facilitate deliverance and freedom for my little boy. They will minister again to him and I except total deliverance and freedom even more than he has received now.

I would implore you if you are struggling in any are to continue to stand on the word, to speak the word as it will work for you. But God has anointed Rev. Sandra and Todd with special anointing to help the body of Christ and unbelievers receive total deliverance and freedom from anything demonic or oppressive. — Anonymous