Powerful Prayers Moves the Mountains – Testimony for the Glory of God!

Kevin[1]I was involved in a car accident a few weeks ago and totaled my car.  I was informed by my insurance company that the car could not be repaired.  This is surely not what my family needed right now.  Timing is never good, but financially worse this time of year. No injuries however, thank you Lord for protection!

As we got together for our weekly Shammah Outreach Ministries’ (SOM) Intercessors’ Prayer Command Center a few weeks ago after the accident, we prayed and took authority over this situation and called forth declarations and decrees into the atmosphere for me to locate an exceptional good deal on a used car and for favor with the insurance company for an offer on the car that was totaled.

I began to look for a similar car while waiting to receive the news of my settlement quote from the insurance company.  The prices for the used cars to replace the model I had was above what I had ever expected—very very expensive!  And, the black book amounts given for the car that was totaled was not good either. After a week of searching for cars, one was put up for sale the day before I was given my settlement amount.  This car was $5,500 “LESS” than the others I had seen all week!!!!  Thank you Jesus!

We met again this past Wednesday with our Shammah Outreach Ministries’ prayer group continued to stand on the promises of God and stood fast on the Word!  We stood on the demand we put on the Word.  Now, the very next day after this, I got the call back from the insurance company and I received my offer and it was between $4,000 to $5,000 “MORE” than I was expecting!!!!  This specific timing between these two events allowed me to “not” purchase a more expensive car, or have someone else buy the cheaper one in the process.  ONLY GOD!

Not only did all we prayed for come to pass —- but, I was also allowed to take back my winter tires for the new car that I had just purchased and put on just before the accident!!! Also, the Honda dealer told me that my warranty on the totaled car can be transferred to my new car saving me another $2,000 in warranty costs!!!!  He told me that the dealers will never tell you about the transferable warranty…but, he did!!  YES, ONLY GOD!!!!!

All the praise and glory goes to Jesus for paid provisions — whether it is through salvation, healing, deliverance — and in this case financial relief!! What a God provision indeed!!

God is on the throne and when we take action by faith – the impossible becomes possible.  God is all possible!!

Thank you to the Shammah Outreach Ministries’ intercessors for standing in agreement with me as we watched the Hand of God move on my behalf!!

Kevin Emery

December 16, 2016