Prophetic ScrollHi there,

“We just wanted you to know that after you prayed for me last night for my diabetes I took my healing by faith as it was released.  Today, for the first time in years I have not taken any of my medication and I have not eaten at all today either.  I thought – let me check my levels and when I did at the end of the day my blood levels were not only normal — they were even better than normal, and I have taken my healing and am healed in Jesus Name!  Thanks be to God.  The Word says it, I believe it, and by faith, I receive it in Jesus Name! Thank you Jesus!!”

This beautiful lady then called us back to also say that not only was she healed of diabetes, but she was taking medication for stomach issues, and high blood pressure.  She took her healing after being prayed for on Saturday night at the Shammah Outreach Ministries’ Healing Encounter and knew she was healed and no medication for any disease since then and feels in perfect health.  Thank you Lord Jesus for by His stripes we were healed 2000 years ago and by faith – healing was taken and disease eradicated in Jesus’ Name.

~~~ S. Baker – January 15, 2017