Good Morning Pastor Sandra,

Last night was awesome!  I truly enjoyed worship, felt sooooo freeing!! Loved sitting back and watching, it is where I belong in this tribe of Apostolic Healing, 5-fold ministry.  today I am feeling great!!  Much lighter, healed and more joy.  Teaching was bang on!!  Looking forward to the next Shammah Outreach Ministries’ Encounter..Fire fell down on me!

I really needed to be in this kind of atmosphere… I see now how dead I have been feeling within the church…love the Word not being watered down, speaking to the mountains…taking the authority in Jesus name!! I feel so refreshed, I have even come to see how lazy I have been within my spirit being in the prayer room where I work as well….about cleansing myself afterwards and being more intentional before i arrive… so grateful for last night, love the Lord and how HE reveals things to us! I need healing in my body and my arms and legs grew out and my back pain is gone.  I knew I needed Jesus to adjust me and bring me to new … today is a new day!!  Hallelujah!!

January 15, 2017