Beautiful Testimonies:

We have been in prayer and strategic warfare for a friend of mine at my workplace who was diagnosed with cancer in the blood. He is a believer, but not deep into the things of the Kingdom, but saved (glory to God) and I promised prayer over him. He needed to go for further tests last week and the count of a particular cancer and if it is 10 points you have the blown up cancer – and anything under – you don’t have it, but it is borderline. They told him that because of all his symptoms and results of other tests that they were positive he had it and at a high level beyond the 10 (I don’t quite get that but I am not a doctor). He stopped by my office today and reported that the counts are below 10 so no cancer!!!! They are all shocked! But, God is not shocked because the power of agreement and calling things forth and taking what we already have in the blood of Jesus is only a shock to the devil himself and that name of cancer must submit! Glory to God…praising His Holy Name! My friend is ecstatic and he is receiving Jesus more and more and more! Amen!

Then another colleague called and asked me to go for a coffee during lunch because she needed advise about her career and job positions. What a beautiful opportunity to minister to her about Jesus and her career path – aligning Him with her choices. She was moved to say the least and allowed me to pray with her. When I looked up after the prayer she was in tears as it touched her heart. It was powerful because she was touched by the love of the Father. She hugged me so tight my buttons almost popped!!

Faith without works is dead! We are called to be His hands and feet and to go out and do the things of the Kingdom in partnership with the Holy Spirit accompanying us!

Yesterday, during lunch again, I had the opportunity to meet with my friend who is a strong believer as she asked me for prayer. We sat in the concourse downtown Toronto and I began ministering to her. Here is her email to me today:


Feeling so much better today. And feel I am looking better too.

Took your suggestion; gave her a thank you card. She was very touched and said she thinks I’m a consummate professional (high praise indeed)

Praise the Lord! I had a huge release and am set free.

Thanks darling.”


You see — when we take the time to bring the heart and love of the Father to people – in the workplace, on the streets, in our homes, at the mall, and out of the church buildings – that is where we are impacting for His glory! We are planting seeds that will grow wherever we go – all for Jesus!!

Wow — I encourage you to take that step of faith and go beyond the boundaries of the four walls – and preach, minister, heal the sick, deliver the captives….being doers of the Word always as we are called to do in His precious name —- KING JESUS!!!

Giving HIM all praise, honour and Glory! Amen!!