20170128_132209I put up a post the other day on Facebook of how a woman was on my GO Train ride in Toronto with a cane, limping and in excruciating pain.  When I asked if I could pray for her she said her Pastor is saying revival is coming and creative miracles like arms and legs growing to heal spinal cords and straightening backs and hip pain is coming! She was also a leader in the church! She did not want prayer for healing, so she limped away in pain and away from the healing power of Jesus.

I was able to share this at Pastor’s Doug and Linda Patterson’s recent Shekinah Power Encounter on Saturday, January 28, 2017,  and when we were called up to assist in the ministration time… this beautiful woman stood up and cried out “I am taking today what that woman on the GO Train did not take! “I want my healing now… I believe!!”

Wowowowowowo…… talk about violent faith!!!!

She was like the woman with the issue of the blood and just said …. “I believe…if I can only touch the hem of His garment”!

Her leg was shorter than the other and so were her arms.  As I took authority, Jesus grew them out and healed her. She had 8 hip surgeries and is a worshiper and flagger/dancer for the Lord and always is in massive pain.  This precious woman took her healing and was running around the room!!!

Jesus healed her!! Her faith made her well!!

What the enemy took from the woman on the GO Train because of her unbelief that healing is for later and not now…. this woman took the healing by faith and was running around the room! She is healed in Jesus Name!

Glory to God and we exalt HIM for the blood shed… JESUS!! And thank you Doug and Linda Patterson for allowing us to share the word of our testimony because it was that testimony on the GO train that faith ignited to overflow in this precious saint and she took her healing by the blood of the Lamb!!

Hallelujah King JESUS!!!

Matthew 11:12
From the days of John the Baptist until now the Kingdom of God suffers violent assault, and the violent men seize it by force (as a precious prize).

Luke 8:43-48
The woman with the issue of the blood suffered 12 years! She touched His garment… Immediately healed and Jesus says, ” Daughter, your faith (personal trust and confidence in Me) has made you well. Go in peace (untroubled, undisturbed well-being).”

Rev. Sandra