A testimony of God’s love and power today – March 15, 2015……

Reverend Todd and I were in Winners and he was in the change room trying on a pair of jeans. As I was waiting I noticed the change room attendant limping and in pain. I asked her what happened to her leg and she said she had a stroke at 42 years old and that she lost mobility and arthritis had settled in. I told her how much Jesus loves her and that He would heal her and asked if I could pray …… I also asked her if she knew Jesus and she said that yes she does and that He was a prophet and that Allah is God. I told her that Jesus died for her and with His death and resurrection His shed blood would heal her and He is God’s Son not Allah. She asked “How fast can you pray because I am afraid of my manager”? I said I am going to lay my hands on your leg and Jesus would heal her and I did just that. After I prayed she was healed in Jesus Name.

Praise the Lord and Hallelujah for when we step out by faith to do the things of the Kingdom our God never fails to show Himself to the unsaved.

Her manager was heading back and she said thank you with emotions and we left.

Even though we did not have more time to spend with her…..we know that the Holy Spirit put this Muslim woman in our path for a reason and our assignment was done.

Glory to God, for out of obedience we were able to step out in faith and demonstrate the power and love of our Abba Father!!