LeStrangeI posted this picture on Facebook from Ryan LeStrange, a powerful, anointed man of God and prophetic voice about Oily Alignments in the Kingdom of God.

Well, one of my Facebook followers responded with such an encouraging post that I knew I had to share because it testifies to being properly aligned with those that are for you and that will encourage and pull you up – higher higher higher – to dream big — and to rise and be all that God has called you to be in this end time hour!

Here is Michelle’s testimony:

“This has so much truth. Some time back I was struggling greatly in my cave (so to speak) I was giving up on seeing any goodness. I am a child of God but I was struggling with some things an where I was in my life. I know I am a leader under God, but I needed deep within me to have spirit filled people in my life that had a burning fire of TRUTH in them from God. Believe me, I fully understand it’s not the people…. it’s my God,  my King, my Redeemer I look for in a person. I have learned so much from learning to follow and be taught to learn about leading in the Lord.  

Mrs. Sandra…. you an two others out of this Facebook thing.. have lead, encouraged, and strengthened me in my faith — from God using you with His words of Truth and the Fire I see consuming y’all, but you walk alive in. I only give the glory to God, but it helps to have people that have the love of Jesus in them pull you up when you are struggling,  My dreams have come Alive again – the walls around me are crumbling down and I believe again with a Fire that’s of my FATHER.. and even though there are struggles… still, I believe they will not prevail. The big mountains look like little rocks.. praise God.. they are crushing when I walk through them. Your posts and word’s have lifted me, helped me, inspired me and caused great joy in my heart with hope. I don’t know you personally, but I KNOW my redeemer that dwells in you that I see.

Thank you for your encouragement, your faith in God, and your obedience in Christ. 

All praise Glory and honor to God my Lord, My savior, My redeemer!!

Bless you Sandra Benaglia Smith”

~~~Michelle Cook Browning


This precious woman has no idea how much “she” encouraged and inspired me in this hour to keep running the race.  I bless this woman of God, Michelle, in Jesus Name and I speak favor of God over her life, family and ministry now in the mighty and majestic name of Jesus!

~~~Pastor Sandra