What a packed out night of worship, prayer, praise, celebration, special announcements, our special guests and spiritual coverings – with Pastors’ Wade and Grace Bowers of Harvest time Revival Church / Church Triumphant Assemblies of Canada and our spiritual covering from North Charleston Apostolic Center in south Carolina with Apostles Mark and Patricia Estes — releasing the Word of God and impartations and demonstrations of the power of God over us all.  An incredible night of healing, miracles and deliverance along with new mantles, commissioning  to not only launch Shammah Apostolic Center but our new Church plant with Sunday morning services beginning in January 2019!!

God is so good and when HE calls and commissions – nothing can stop the plan of God and with those mantled with the office of the Apostles and Prophets at large in the house to attest and officiate what God ordains. – there is no way, but God’s way.

We are so excited at this next phase of the vision of God for this area and region and beyond.  We take it by force — all for the advancement and glory of God’s Kingdom. For HIM and ONLY HIM and following orchestrated steps ordained by HIM.

Thank you to all those that gave their time, love, support, prayers and sacrifice, and that traveled from afar to make this event a huge success and to celebrate with us all that God is doing and going to do in this strategic season of alignment and divine appointments and destiny.  This region will never be the same – a shift took place this weekend and a new season, new wine and skins — are at hand!! Jesus!!

With praise and thanks to our King of Kings! Jesus!!!