IMG_3628-2What another powerful night of praise and worship and the presence of the Spirit of God as the worship team ushered in the Shekinah Glory!

The prophetic winds of the Spirit blew as many received a now word from the Lord with many healed during the praise and worship.  Glory to God!

As Pastor Todd opened up in prayer we knew that mighty miracles were going to take place as the saints began to receive from that very moment.  Pastor Sandra did a powerful teaching on Healing – but not only why it is God’s will to heal, but also taught one of the most profound teachings yet – on “Why Isn’t My Healing Manifesting and I Was Healed But Lost It – Why?”

Some powerful truths based on the Word of God on each of these categories.  Pastor Sandra said that healing is easy.  It is God’s will to heal ALL … but the issue in the body of Christ today is that the saints are not taught how to keep their healing or deliverance.

We shared many testimonies from those that have been healed and delivered and what they experienced and it was a beautiful testament to the will of the Father and the blood of Jesus!

Sister Tammy shared her testimony of how she was healed from a distance over the telephone when Pastor Sandra prayed over her for excruciating pain from a sciatic nerve.  She told us of how she could not get up and walk because the pain was so intense.  Pastor Sandra released healing prayer and she was healed.  Hallelujah!!   Jesus healed from a distance and so we do as Jesus did.  Glory to God. Other testimonies were also shared throughout the evening.  Thanks be to God.

Sister Tammy also has a gift of creative prophetic art and during the anointed worship she was led to create as the Spirit led her.  She painted a beautiful array of feathers and the heart of God in the center of it all.  Pastor Sandra also spoke on the love of God — and that Jesus always moved with compassion to heal because of love.  Both aligned as the Spirit of God led our time in HIM.  Then Sister Tammy was led by the Spirit of God to give it as a gift to a woman who was set free from demonic oppression.  What a beautiful symbol of love!!  Amen!

As the Word was released healings continued to manifest and deliverance took place from demonic oppression.  With creative miracles in the midst – many were healed of body pain in spinal cords and lower back areas and it was certainly an evening of setting the captives free with much deliverance to the people of God.  Demons cast out – and countenances changing as they left.  Glory to God and the Blood of the Lamb!

We had an awesome time in His glorious presence and we now know “how to keep our healing and deliverance” through Pastor Sandra’s profound teaching.

Thank you Lord Jesus and we give you the praise, honour and glory for all you have done for us and for all you continue to do in Jesus’ Name!

We thank everyone that came out to receive a touch from God – some from as far as beyond London, ON and some as far as Scarborough, ON.  God is a good good God all the time.

Please join us again at our next Shammah Outreach Ministries’ Apostolic, Prophetic, Healing and Miracle Encounter on Friday, August 19, 2016 at the Best Western Plus in Milton, ON at 7pm.  It is God’s will to heal and deliver! You will not leave the same.

God Bless You!

Kevin Emery