Prophetic Word for 2014 Released at
Shammah Outreach Ministries’ Conference
December 13, 2013 

By: Prophet Rohan Rambally 

“MORE IN 2014”
KEY TEXT: ISAIAH 43: 18, 19


God desires for his Church to forget the past and forge into a new level that God have ordained for his Church.

God desires us not to consider or give thought to things of old.

God is releasing upon his apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers new visions, ideas, and understandings from the Spirit realm.

God is declaring that he will do a new thing in your prayer life, praise life, and life in the Word of God.

God is going to cause every limitation of the enemy to be torn down; He is releasing restoration and strength. He will cause the Church to arise to a new level of INTIMACY with Him, where you’ll discern His Voice and speak His Word as He releases a fresh release of his Apostolic / Prophetic Anointing upon His Body.

God is going to cause it to spring forth; He says He will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. God is decreeing open doors and productivity and abundance of provision.

I declare all that God has ordained and purposed for His Church will come forth and be manifested in Jesus Name.

There are changes in the governmental structure of His Church: 4 speak of North, South, and East and West. He is causing the winds of the Spirit to blow over His Church globally and bring reformation, divine order, structure and divine respect for His Generals in charge.

Hab. 1:5

God is going to do an awesome work in your days, which you will not believe, though it be told to you.

Hab. 2:1-5

He is declaring that prophetic intercessors and prayer is going to be major in 2014 for the release of heaven on the earth, there is going to be a greater increase in prophetic visions and more communication and dialogue between Father and His Church.

God is decreeing to His Church to write the vision and prayer it back to the Lord .The Apostolic-Power and Presence of God is going to rest strongly upon His people and the Prophetic –the Voice and Heart of God is about to be released in Jesus Name.

Mark 11:22-24

Jesus desires that we walk in the faith of God or the God kind of faith. He desires for us as His people in this present hour to rise up and prophesy unto the mountains that the enemy has set against us to clear the pathway in Jesus Name.

God desires for faith and victory to arise and for His Word to arise in our Spirits and His Word to come forth and receive a Holy desire to birth His vision in prayer, believing that we will receive and we shall have them in Jesus Name.

God is releasing upon His Church a Mountain Moving Prophetic Anointing that will cause great signs, wonders and miracles to be manifested in the midst of His people…. a Year of Increase and Harvest and New Beginnings in 2014 in Jesus Name.