2014-01-17 13.03.17What a time for Todd and Sandra and the team at Shammah Outreach Ministries since the vision was cast and birthed by our Lord and Savior!

As they continue to pour out on the people; preaching the truth of the Word of God, leading the lost to eternal salvation, training and equipping the saints, and the anointed release of signs, wonders and miracles – God continues to do a mighty work through the ministry.

With the recent Commissioning and Ordination of Todd and Sandra as the newest Global Prayer Strike Force Intercessory Leaders under Morris Cerullo World Evangelism Ministries….a further intense outpouring of revival and breakthroughs through intercessory prayer and warfare is taking place!

The Commissioning and Ordination of Todd and Sandra was entrusted by Trinidad and Tobago’s Global Prayer Strike Force Country Leader, Rohan Rambally who travelled to Canada as an agent under Morris Cerullo Ministries to commission and ordain them through the laying on of hands and granting the level of authority to them to fulfill the duty that has been given by God. After the commissioning, ordination followed that established the authority given and entrusted unto them as intercessory leaders called forth.

Todd and Sandra were presented with an authorized formal written warrant and certificate. Truly an honour to be Commissioned and Ordained and entrusted by the Lord to this great calling.

Have him stand before Eleazar the priest and the entire assembly and commission him in their presence.
Numbers 27:19 (NIV)

Lay your hand on him….Give him some of your authority so the whole Israelite community will obey him.
Numbers 27:18:20 (NIV)


Following the Commissioning and Ordination was a time of an apostolic, prophetic, and anointed move of the Spirit of God. The anointing was bought forth with worship, song and praise and as the angelic hosts set their camp grounds to minister to the people.

It was a time to further bask in His presence with the expectations of the people being fulfilled as the spiritual atmosphere was set with signs, wonders, healings and miracles that followed.

The love of the Father cannot be denied as the apostolic and prophetic flow embraced and encouraged and pierced the hearts of the people. With spiritual eyes opened over the children to see into the heavenly realms and Jesus sitting at the throne to the baptism of the Holy Spirit over an eight year old child who began speaking in tongues.

The intense and profound presence of the wind of the Spirit swept the room and poured over into an atmospheric corporate anointing that dispensed the healing power of God without even the laying on of hands. Powerful!

We have received many praise reports and affirmations of spoken prophetic words that have already come to pass, personal healings, and a great increase of faith in the hearts of many. Many report that they are still basking in His Holy Presence and in the Shekinah Glory!

And, for all that came with a need / expectation, or even doubt and unbelief – our Lord Jesus truly met them in their place. What an amazing and glorious time we had in the presence of the Mighty One, Son and Holy Spirit – our Triune God!.

We give Him all the honour and glory and exalt His mighty name as we know that as we continue to submit ourselves as His humble vessels and servants He will continue to do awesome and mighty things in the days to come in Jesus’ precious Name!

About Morris Cerullo Evangelism Ministries’ Global Prayer Strike Force
“Prayer Command Centre”:

PCC - LOGOThe Prayer Command Centre (PCC) is fundamentally associated with reaching out to those in need. Members are trained and equipped to minister to the spiritual needs of people and to impart into lives through prophetic ministry. It is a new dimension of prophetic intercession!

The Prayer Command Centre is a unique and special place where a small group of 6-8 believers in Christ meet to pray for each other’s families, communities and the nations. These group meetings may last from one hour to a few hours and follow the guidelines established by the Organization: Morris Cerullo Ministries. As has been indicated in the manual, the groups focus on prayer and not doctrinal preferences nor personal interests of any member of the groups.

The principle adapted by the Prayer Command Centre’s is that a group from a part of an international team for the purpose of seeing the Kingdom of God affected in the nations of the world. Its purpose is specific in that it connects other people to God for answers; stand in the gap for communities and nations, as well as the unreached people of the world.

One of the responsibilities of the Prayer Command Centers is to lift up a Prayer Covering as an impenetrable wall of defense around the members of the Global Strike Force, our families, communities, churches and the nations. A prayer covering is also lifted over Brother and Sister Cerullo and the entire Mission to the World Team with consistent and prevailing prayer.

Prayer Command Centers can be conducted in homes, in the market places and even on the streets. The Scripture quoted to support this approach is found in Acts 2:42 and 46-47 when the Apostles and believers continued steadfastly in the Apostles doctrine and fellowship and in the breaking of bread and in prayers. The people were in one accord in the temple breaking bread from house to house. Other places that can be used are schools, work places, in individual homes and in any place where a small group can meet for prayer. There are specific guidelines to conduct a Prayer Command Centre which has been established by the Global Strike Force.

The Prayer Command Centre meets on Thursdays of every week to pray out for families, communities, churches, local governments, and the ten nations of the world. The PCC also meets the first Friday of every month for an all-night prayer session. The group begins on the Friday morning with prayer and fasting during the day from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.. We then break the fast with communion and a light meal, and go right into prayer on these nights from 6:00 p.m. and conclude at 3:00 a.m. in the morning.

Praying without ceasing is to become the lifestyle of the believer in Christ. The Prayer Command Centre’s provide an avenue for believers to develop this lifestyle.

For more information on the Prayer Command Centre, please contact:

Todd Smith and Sandra Benaglia Smith
Founders of Shammah Outreach Ministries and
Global Prayer Strike Force Leaders for Canada