About Our Guest Speaker:

After 30 years operating in the cultural mountain of business, and as an entrepreneur, God called Franco to the Office of the Prophet, where his calling was recognized and commissioned by various Apostles.  Prophet Franco ignited into new levels in the Kingdom of God and new levels in the sphere of business. Some might say that Franco wasted many years in business rather than the Kingdom solely, but God was using him in his sphere of influence for the greater advancement of HIS Kingdom, and training Franco for such a time as this.  Franco is an accurate prophetic voice called out to the nations where he ministers the Word of God and sets destinies in motion!

“It was a season of preparation for the next level of where God was taking me. Through many intense years of trials and training, the fire has refined me to now step into what is now – a critical and intense spiritual season of greater in the Kingdom of God.  We are in a historical time in the Spirit, and the time is now to emerge in destiny and advance the Kingdom of God like never before,” says Prophet Franco.

Franco is married to Adriana and is the father of three beautiful children. He believes that if others experience the God of the supernatural like he did, then they too will be changed forever.

SOM - November 10-2018-Franco