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Praise Report – April 18, 2014

by Sandra Benaglia Smith

Our God is faithful and He hears the prayers of His intercessors as they pray for the people for shifts in their lives, for healings, for miracles. Prophetic words were also spoken over this couple and the Lord showed a shift in the atmosphere over them – for hindrances and setbacks and sabotage to be […]

Praise Report – April 10, 2014

by Sandra Benaglia Smith

As we came into the presence of the Lord through praise and worship and exaltation – His healing power and anointing filled the atmosphere. We had a guest at the PCC who was suffering with various strongholds and constant chronic jaw clicking. We did not even have to pray over her or lay hands, as […]

Praise Report – March 25, 2014

by Sandra Benaglia Smith

Greetings in Jesus’ Name! Ever since our Prayer Command Centre prayers have been lifted up for the Lord to open up divine opportunities at the work place to speak of Him or to minister —  things have erupted at my work place even more…..!!!!! Somehow word has spread that we have a kingdom ministry and that […]

Praise Report – February 13, 2014

by Sandra Benaglia Smith

Testimony and Results from the Prayer Command Center, MILTON, ON Hey Sandra, I Just wanted to say thank you so much for the opportunity to pray to the Lord Jesus Christ in such a moving and powerful way. Our warring in the spirit truly has bared good fruit already just one day later after a […]

Praise Report – January 23, 2014

by Sandra Benaglia Smith

Another awesome Spirit-led night at the Prayer Command Centre in Milton, ONTARIO – CANADA January 23, 2014! As we prayed and fasted all day, and broke with a light meal, we commenced in praise and worship and felt the gentle, but mighty wind of the Spirit as He embraced the atmosphere.  We launched in prayer, […]

Praise Report – January 16, 2014

by Sandra Benaglia Smith

Our Shammah Outreach Ministries’ Milton, Ontario Prayer Command Centre (PCC) is a direct off shoot of Trinidad ‘s PCC, which is a mother PCC, under the leadership of Prophet Rohan Rambally and under the spiritual covering of Morris Cerullo Ministries  – San Diego.  So we are also spiritually covered under the respective mother ships for […]