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It’s a Kingdom Church – Our First Shammah Outreach Ministries’ Sunday Morning Church Service – Sunday, January 6, 2019 – It’s time to Rule and Reign!

by Sandra Benaglia Smith

We had a powerful time in the Lord at our first Shammah Outreach Ministries Sunday Morning Service here in Norfolk County Ontario Canada!🔥🇨🇦🔥 The Lord spoke to us in the summer as we were preparing and launching the Apostolic Hub. We began to see many salvations since we entered the Promised Land at our Prophetic […]

Shammah Outreach Ministries’ Revival House of Glory — Let the Fire Fall Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Encounter – Saturday, December 8, 2018

by Sandra Benaglia Smith

This is what the Kingdom is all about…..it’s what makes it all worth the sacrifice of doing ministry for Jesus. Releasing the sound of heaven to His people! Releasing their breakthroughs, their destinies and bringing healing and restoration to the hearts of the young and the old. When the fragrance of the Spirit of God […]

Shammah Outreach Ministries’ Revival House of Glory – Prophetic, Healing and Deliverance Encounter – Event Report and Pics – Saturday, November 10, 2018

by Sandra Benaglia Smith

When the Spirit of Worship and Prayer breaks out-nothing can contain the powerful move of God! The heavens opened and declared His glory when the blanket of the Spirit swept in… there was a fragrance and presence like never before with miracles, signs and wonders!  Where was God? He was right in the center of […]

Shammah Outreach Ministries’ Revival House of Glory Apostolic Center – OFFICIAL LAUNCH – Saturday, September 22, 2018

by Sandra Benaglia Smith

Wow!! What a packed out night of worship, prayer, praise, celebration, special announcements, our special guests and spiritual coverings – with Pastors’ Wade and Grace Bowers of Harvest time Revival Church / Church Triumphant Assemblies of Canada and our spiritual covering from North Charleston Apostolic Center in south Carolina with Apostles Mark and Patricia Estes […]

Shammah Outreach Ministries’ Igniting the Flames of Revival Fire Prophetic Healing & Miracle Encounter – Saturday August 18, 2018 – Report

by Sandra Benaglia Smith

Words cannot describe the overwhelming presence of God that fell on us on Saturday night.  We went from Glory to Glory to Glory!  An encounter with His Majesty.  Blanketed under the rain of an open heaven where salvations, healings, deliverance, and creative miracles were demonstrated by the power and Fire of God.  hearts transformed by […]