“The majority of Jesus’ ministry was healing the sick and casting out demons. Most of the time sickness is a demon and needs casting out before healing can manifest.

The demons are rampant in the churches today and the sheep are walking out on Sunday mornings still sick, diseased, oppressed, depressed, suicidal, and their lives are falling apart and they are not understanding why.

It’s time that we get the power and fire of God back in our services. We need to know how to set the captives free and shake up and cast the destroyer out!!!

Knowing your authority of who you are in Christ Jesus and the power you carry with the authority of His great name will help you deliver the people from the grips of the enemy.

Revival is here…. it is within us…but do you know it….. repentance, salvations, healings, miracles, creative miracles and ”Come out” is in the house! JESUS!!” 🔥

〰️〰️Apostle Sandra Benaglia Smith – Teaching “Authority is Now to Break the Power of the Devil”

Apostolic, Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Miracle Encounter
February 24, 2018
Toronto Canada