We were led into a powerful time of worship where the presence of the Spirit of God was so thick that the people just embraced His healing touch and breakthroughs.  Glorious time continued with the impartation of the prophetic flow that brought tears to the eyes of those that received a heavenly word from the Lord.

Apostle Sandra released a powerful word on the benefits of God – His Gifts to us through the Cross at Calvary where Jesus shed His blood over 2000 years ago!  The hearts received and salvations broke out!  The angels rejoiced!  Many miracles, breakthroughs, bodies healed, infirmities healed, spiritual and emotional healings, deliverance with generational curses broken and depression/oppression expelled, creative miracles with arms and legs growing and spinal cords straightened where back, shoulder and hip pain were all healed. Heart issues healed, and hearing loss restored in Jesus’ Name.

We also had an amazing time of testimonies where those that were touched  by God had an opportunity to testify to His awesome goodness. So powerful!!

Glory to God as we then continued in a beautiful time of fellowship with Christmas goodies for all.

Thank you Lord for your Presence and all You poured out over your people!  JESUS!

Merry Christmas to all and an abundance of blessings. His benefits are for the taking in Jesus Name!