On Saturday, October 28th, we were saturated under the blanket of Glory where the worship ushered in more of His presence and with the Word released – we delve into the greater glory with miracles, signs, and wonders and many healings and deliverance.  The testimonies are so amazing with healings and deliverance manifested and truly the Lord touched the hearts of the people in a special way with prophetic impartation.  What a time of demonstrations of His great and glorious power and a sure time of visitation.  No one left the same way they came in. Thank you to all our new friends as well that made this time to fellowship so amazing.  Father God gets all the glory for only He is worth of our praises.

A powerful Sunday morning service on October 29th at The Farm House with the house filled to overflow and the Father’s presence so ever thick.  With faith arising – the atmosphere was changed for the Spirit of the Lord was present and His glory fell on us…. Fire filled the room! Another beautiful and glorious time with the portals of heaven opening wide for those that were eager and hungry for more of HIM.

Thank you again to host Pastors’ Karl and Sandra Allen!