My God My God!

We give you all the praise and glory for what took place at our Arise Shine Women’s Conference in Waterford, ON Canada on Saturday, July 22, 2017!!

The fire and glory fell and my sisters and many brothers who attended were saturated under the Shekinah Glory!!!  Father gave us the utterances to prophetically speak and confirm and impart into the lives of the saints.  So many healings and deliverance….signs – wonders — creative miracles that followed because we believe!!!!  Many delivered from demonic oppression and the blind eye was restored.  A deaf ear was opened by the power of God and arms and legs growing out for back pain and hips to realign and pain eradicated.  A 91 year old woman was healed with creative miracles for her arms, legs, swollen knees and back and she began to walk totally pain free from surgeries!  Glory to God!!!  We are expecting many more testimonies to come in as the prophetic words imparted a freedom and newness into the hearts of the women and men.  Emotional hurts and wounded spirits — the healing virtue of God took them over and filled those areas with the power of His love and many healed emotionally.  Great impartations took place and the releasing of all God has for these saints. Glory to God.

A beautiful time under the presence and we were honored by the hosts of the The Fibre Farm in Waterford, ON – Rita Stratford and Cathy Smith and their team who served the Lord’s people with a beautiful Brunch and then another offering from the heart to serve our team with a beautiful dinner.  Such hearts for God and the beginning of great things for The Fibre Farm and my sisters in Christ.

Thank you also to my amazing team and my two spiritual daughters – Minister Jenice McDonald and Minister Sandra Baker for sharing their amazing testimonies of God in their lives to lift up and encourage the women. Powerful testimonies!!!!

All glory and honour to our King of Kings — Jesus!!  Thank you Lord !!

Now Arise and Shine and change your position for the GLORY of God had come upon you!!



Healing and Destiny Testimony…..

This precious daughter of God got up and shared a powerful testimony after being touched by the power of God during the worship with hands laid on her.  She shared how the Lord told her to come to the Arise Shine Women’s Conference in Waterford, ON and that there would be a woman of God there who would lay hands on her and when the woman would lay hands on her she would be imparted with a special mantle that would be passed on to her.  She shared that some time ago her mother passed away and at her momma’s funeral God spoke to her and told her that she had the power inside of her to raise the dead, but she jumped back and said no to God and that she could not do that.  She shared about how on the day of our Women’s Conference she was scheduled to work and how strong God kept placing on her heart that she had to be at our conference and not even knowing anyone or even where Waterford was located she stepped out by faith and heeded to the voice of God!   As the Lord led me to pray for this beautiful woman prior to her sharing this amazing testimony, He showed me He would be using this young woman mightily to heal the sick and to raise the dead, so that was a confirmation of what the Lord said to her at her mother’s funeral.  It bore witness.  More prophetic utterance was released, but this young woman came expecting and received all that God had for her.  She was delivered of much and set free and imparted to go and do the things of the Kingdom.

Glory to God for her obedience to adhere to the voice of God and to believe to receive her deliverance, healing and divine impartation!

Matthew 10:7-8 (AMP)
And as you go, preach, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.