Shammah Outreach Ministries extends our sincerest thank you and honour to Pastors/ Evangelist Domenico Vitale and Andrea Vitale of 3rd Heaven Ministries …Toronto,  Canada for hosting us on Sunday, July 23, 2017!

After a beautiful time spent ushering in the presence of God through anointed worship, praise and prayer… the Word was released on “Reigning in Faith for Divine Healing!”

3rd Heaven FlyerThe power of God fell with many receiving healings, deliverance, miracles, signs, wonders and activation and impartation!  Fire fell so profoundly that we were saturated in the presence of Glory!! Many testimonies shared after ministry  and looking forward to hearing more!

One precious saint came up to share her testimony after she received ministry and came up from being under the power of God!  She testified that she had heard so many false doctrines on faith and divine healing and was so mixed up but knew what she had been hearing was not according to what she believed the Word to say.  She expressed that this is the first time she heard such truth and the Word explained and taught in such a way that brought life to her bones.  She had been in a coma when she was young, bound and tied up by the enemy.  Her life was not easy with bouts of sicknesses and today the Lord told her to come to this service and she would be healed.  She obeyed.  She came up for prayer not being able to talk.  She had been going through bouts of not being able to talk, not being able to pray/intercede out loud or sing unto the Lord.  But today she obeyed the Lord to come and she came expecting and she received her healing.  Enough was enough — and as we laid hands on her throat the power of God released her from the demonic hold and it left and the healing virtue manifested as she began to speak – louder, and louder and louder and wow — really loud with joy and tears overflowing!!!!  Healed in Jesus mighty and majestic name!!  It was so beautiful to see the captive set free by the blood of the Lamb!!!

Glory to God!!

Another precious saint testified of how the Lord redirected her plans and directions  to come to this service.  The Lord told her she would receive her healing. She was on her way somewhere else and when He spoke to her she obeyed and the Holy Spirit led her to where we were ministering. She was prayed for and she took her healing. She grabbed it by faith! She was told she was going to die without a puffer for asthma. She believes and she left the devils sickness at the alter and took her healing just like the woman with the issue of the blood. This tenacious woman heard the Lord speak, obeyed, believed and received in Jesus Name!

“Daughter, your faith has made you well”!

Our love and blessings to our hosts Pastors and all they are doing for the Kingdom of God. This is the year of double and this increase is certainly their portion in JESUS NAME!!   Canada Revival!! Winds of Change!! GLORY!!! 🔥🔥🔥

All honour and Glory to God!!